S2CEB, CAE Group brand since 1992, manufactures and distributes a full range of cables, cords, optical links, stage boxes and connectors for audio, video, broadcast.


S2CEB, digital video pioneer


S2CEB has a real industrial strength that allows him to be innovative in the field of video, especially with the production of the famous VCB100 digital video cable and digital audio over twisted pair with the famous blue AUDIOLAN24 cable.


S2CEB is a tailor-made offer and spirit of service


With its French manufacturing unit, S2CEB is able to meet all of its customers wiring problems in achieving an optimal time. S2CEB is working every day to find an appropriate solution to the cabling needs of its customers.



The offer sound, video, broadcast

Applications and projects

Audio Cabling Solutions

Culture & Entertainment

Video cabling solutions


Cabling solutions DMX


Cabling Solutions

Building and offices

Optical cabling solutions

Medical and Tertiary

Audiovisual pre-wiring



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